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1. Gradually increase the temperature of the drying medium and the speed of the air flow. Since the temperature of the material continues to increase with the continuous reduction of moisture, the temperature and flow rate of the drying medium during the drying process can speed up the drying process. 2. The combination of blast and exhaust fan can be used for drying. First, blast drying. After the material in the lower layer evaporates part of the moisture, exhaust air drying is performed to prevent the evaporated moisture from condensing. After the overall thermal stability is improved, it can be dried quickly. 3. Dry with thin layer.

Reduce the degree of condensation of water vapor in the lower part of the material, so that when the lower layer of material is condensed by water vapor, a good drying effect can be obtained. 4. Improve the diffusion effect of materials as much as possible, increase the contact area with hot air, make the distribution of hot air even and widely, and greatly improve the drying effect. Energy saving of biomass fuel dryers is the key point. Today's dryer investment is no longer a topic of concern. Energy consumption is a big problem, so how to save energy is a topic that users care about. Although a dryer The cost of dryer equipment is not a small amount, but energy consumption is also a part of the cost in daily production. If energy saving is a topic of concern to users, after all, the competition in the industry is getting bigger and bigger, and our demand for equipment is also increasing. Then a good dryer equipment can not only bring wealth to the enterprise, but also save a lot of costs.

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