Features of prickly ash dryer with various output


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At present, there are several kinds of drying equipment such as automatic mesh belt type pepper drying machine, pepper drying room, pepper drying box, etc. on the market. How to choose to use pepper drying machine, Foshan Twesix editor will answer for you: Fully automatic The mesh belt type prickly ash dryer is suitable for growers with large output such as 5-50 tons. Its characteristics are: 1. It adopts the technology of small air supply and large circulation. According to the tissue structure and moisture content of Chinese prickly ash, the technology of small air supply and large circulation is adopted to reduce energy consumption and control the volatilization of essential oils; 2. Adopt dynamic variable speed drying technology. According to the high-quality process obtained from the experiment, the dynamic variable speed drying technology is adopted in accordance with the principle of aerodynamics, so that the prickly ash is turned during the drying process, the thickness changes, the drying uniformity is improved, the drying cycle is shortened, the drying quality is completely eliminated, and the dry product is guaranteed. Consistency of quality.

The prickly ash drying room is suitable for growers with a medium yield of 3 tons to 1 ton. Its characteristics are: 1. The advanced structural design of the air supply system and the dehumidification system is placed on the top of the dryer to provide site utilization and ensure the operation workshop. Neat and beautiful, easy to operate and maintain, and fully comply with SC requirements; 2. The advanced active temperature control technology can accurately control the temperature in stages. The air supply temperature at each stage can be independently set according to the drying process requirements of Chinese prickly ash, and each stage can also be set by time. supply air temperature. Ensure that the prickly ash is dried evenly and the quality of the dried product is consistent; 3. The standard feeding tray is specially designed for the feeding car and the feeding tray to prevent jamming and damage to ensure the complete shape of the prickly ash; 4. The compatibility can be set according to the drying process requirements of different materials Different drying process parameters meet the high-quality drying of various materials. The prickly ash drying box is suitable for household drying of several hundred kilograms. Its characteristics are: 1. The upper and lower barrels can be exchanged, the drying uniformity is high, the loss of essential oil is small, and the drying time is shortened by about two hours; 2. Room temperature -90 ℃ Adjustable, compatible with various agricultural products; 3. Variable temperature, constant temperature operation, program temperature control, and the opening rate of pepper can be arbitrarily set and controlled; 4. High air pressure, large air volume, strong penetration, high uniformity, and opening time Consistent; 5. No need for manpower, automatic temperature and humidity control to start and stop.

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