Continuous chili dryer equipment energy storage automatic cycle pulsating drying process


Author: TwesixTwesix

Foshan Twesix drying equipment continuous pepper dryer adopts energy-storage automatic circulation pulsation drying process. From fresh pepper input to output, the whole process is closed, continuous, smooth, balanced and highly automated, and the noise and waste heat generated in the process can be obtained. With effective control and utilization, most of the water in peppers is discharged in a free state, preventing secondary pollution to the greatest extent and ensuring the greenness of the plant. From the fresh pepper input to the fully dried output, the drying time is short. After the system is started, all the energy comes from the air in the system and the latent heat of dehydration of the pepper. The operation process does not require electric heating assistance. Dried peppers have good commercial properties, and the drying process is strictly implemented in accordance with the more scientific process of pepper characteristics, which better preserves the inherent quality, color, and properties of peppers and ensures greater value.

Strong compatibility, different materials such as dried Chinese prickly ash, Chinese herbal medicines, fruits and vegetables can be used in different seasons to improve equipment utilization. Low investment, quick effect, advanced technology, advanced equipment, small footprint, short construction period, simple operation, low failure rate and low operating cost. The production line is both functional and ornamental, and the working environment is clean and tidy.

Foshan Twesix drying equipment continuous pepper dryer.

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