The principle of steam heat exchange drying of wolfberry dryer


Author: TwesixTwesix

The steam heat exchange heat source system of the wolfberry dryer is to change the steam into dry hot air through the steam heat exchanger with automatic control, and adopt the segmented air supply technology through the air supply pipe network. According to the requirements of the wolfberry drying process, the output The hot and dry air is sent into the branch pipe from between the two passages of the drying room, and is blown into the gap between the trays in the horizontal direction. Recycling. The heat exchange system is connected by four main components: heat exchanger, solenoid valve, fan and air supply pipe. Take it away and send it into the air supply system in the machine through the air supply duct. The temperature of the hot air is controlled by the on-off of the solenoid valve to achieve the temperature and heat energy required for each stage of wolfberry drying.

Several air supply pipes are arranged on both sides of the drying chamber, and the hot air is blown into the gap between the trays from the horizontal direction, so that the hot air can fully absorb the evaporated water and then enter the moisture removal system. The hot air is blown horizontally through the material from both sides of the tray to form the function of flow and flow, so the drying speed is fast and the heating is uniform. The longitudinal distribution of the air supply system in the machine enables the drying chamber to form different temperature zones in the length direction, and can be independently adjusted according to the drying process requirements of wolfberry. To pass through different temperature zones, so as to achieve high-quality drying effect.

The drying process of the material is as follows: the dry and hot air sent from the hot blast stove takes out the moisture in the material → becomes the hot air with high temperature and high humidity → the hot air with high temperature and high humidity is recognized by the temperature and humidity identification device → suitable for recycling Recycled, unsuitable to be automatically discharged out of the machine → reciprocating cycle continuous operation. Each temperature zone is distributed according to the preheating drying zone, the uniform speed drying zone, the accelerated drying zone, the uniform speed drying zone and the deceleration drying zone.

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