Lily drying process and characteristics


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Lily is not only a flower that can be used for viewing, but also a very good Chinese medicinal material, and it is also a very common ingredient. Lily is rich in protein, fat, demethylcolchicine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins, etc. It is a good nutritional product for all ages. Lily used in traditional Chinese medicine is a tonic to stop bleeding, activate blood, clear lungs and moisten dryness, nourish yin and clear heat, and regulate spleen and stomach.

Modern research shows that lily has obvious antitussive, antiasthmatic, hemostasis and other effects, improves the lymphocyte transformation rate and increases the activity of liquid immune function. Lily can also inhibit tumor growth. Wash the lily, cook it, put it in rock sugar, and then cool it to eat, which can not only clear away heat and moisten the lungs, but also nourish and benefit.

Lily drying process: Lily drying production line equipment is composed of steam fixing and automatic dryer. According to the needs, adjust the process to complete the drying task and achieve satisfactory results. It can meet the sulfur-free processing requirements of lily, and ensure that the produced dried lily flakes are pollution-free.

During the drying process, the quality and shape can meet the needs of customers, and the equipment and process meet the national pharmaceutical and food hygiene standards. Features: 1. Short drying cycle and large output. 2. The dry product has good color, good medicinal properties and good quality.

3. Partition temperature control and humidity control, drying evenly. 4. Fully automatic, labor-saving and labor-saving. 5. The drying process is pollution-free.

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