Chinese wolfberry drying process


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Lycium barbarum is a general term for the species of Lycium barbarum, such as commercial Lycium barbarum, plant Ningxia Lycium barbarum, Chinese Lycium barbarum and so on. Most of the wolfberry fruit that people eat and use medicinally is the fruit of Ningxia wolfberry"Wolfberry", and Ningxia wolfberry is the only variety listed in the 2010 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Ningxia wolfberry has the largest cultivation area in China.

Ningxia wolfberry is mainly distributed in northwest China, while Chinese wolfberry and its variants are common in other areas. The characteristics of Twesix Drying Wolfberry Dryer are segmented and precise temperature control. The air supply temperature of each stage can be independently set according to the drying process requirements of the material, and the air supply temperature of each stage can also be set by time. Ensure that the wolfberry is evenly dry, with a consistent ruddy color, moderately wrinkled peel and good taste.

According to the characteristics of wolfberry, the feeding cart and tray are specially designed to prevent sticking, jamming and damage to ensure the complete shape of wolfberry. Digital and precise temperature control and speed regulation ensure strong compatibility of equipment and consistency of dry product quality. The special design of feeding car and feeding tray improves drying efficiency and operation quality, reduces labor intensity and saves work site.

Different drying process parameters can be set according to the drying process requirements of different materials to meet the high-quality drying of various materials.

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