The efficacy and storage method of red dates and the drying process of red dates


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Jujube, also known as jujube, belongs to the phylum Angiosperm, Dicotyledon, Rhamnos, Rhamnaceae, and Jujube. Its vitamin content is very high, and it has the reputation of "natural vitamin pills", which has the effect of nourishing yin and yang. Jujube is a temperate crop with strong adaptability and wide planting range.

Red jujube is known as the "hard-core crop", which has the characteristics of drought resistance and waterlogging resistance, and is the first choice for the development of water-saving forest and fruit industry. Efficacy The Chinese herbal medicine book "Benjing" records that red dates are sweet and warm in nature, return to the spleen and stomach meridians, and have the functions of invigorating the middle and replenishing qi, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, and relaxing medicinal properties; while modern pharmacology has found that red dates contain protein, carbohydrates , organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, a variety of trace calcium and amino acids and other rich nutrients. The stored fresh jujube is called red jujube after being dehydrated and dried.

The red dates used for storage should be dry and moderate, without damage, no pests, ruddy color and neat size. Red dates have high sugar content and have great hygroscopic and oxidative properties, so the storage temperature and humidity should be reduced as much as possible during storage. Low temperature is the main means to reduce the loss of vitamin C in jujube fruit, and drying is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

During the storage period of red dates, in addition to the fermentation deterioration and mildew rot caused by excessive humidity, pests such as rice moths and wheat moths will also harm red dates. Therefore, you should also pay attention to rodent prevention. So, what is the storage method of red dates? When the northern storage method is stored in large quantities, sacks are used for stacking storage.

When stacking, there should be ventilation gaps between bags and between stacks to facilitate ventilation. Southern storage method The southern region is hot and humid, and it should be stored in a cold storage during the mildew and summer season. Red dates are packed in sacks and stored in a warehouse at 5°C.

Before leaving the cold storage, move to a slightly higher temperature transition, and gradually move out of the storage. In order to prevent water from condensing into water droplets on the jujube fruit, do not repack the bag immediately, but spread it out to dry, wait for the condensation water droplets to disappear, and then change the bag and pack it for shipment. A small amount of red dates can be stored with rice husk ash.

Sprinkle dry rice husks on the ground about 1 cm thick, spread a layer of red dates, then sprinkle rice husk ash to cover the red dates, and then spread a layer of red dates. This storage method can prevent moisture, sterilize, and dry the jujube grains, and the effect is better. Drying process Foshan Twesix automatic jujube drying production line consists of classifier, washing machine and dryer.

Twesix New Era Series Automatic Red Date Dryer is a multi-layer rotary belt type automatic hot air drying equipment. It fully absorbs the advantages of the traditional hot air drying process and adopts the world's advanced multi-layer pipe network pulse air supply technology to make the traditional The hot air drying process and automation technology are organically integrated, and the drying process curve of jujube drying is solidified in the equipment, which overcomes the dependence on people in the drying process of jujube, preserves the inherent quality of jujube, and realizes the high quality, high efficiency, and high quality of jujube drying. Standardized quality and hygienic controllability, dried jujubes have good fruit shape, sweet taste and bright color. It is an advanced equipment suitable for drying jujubes of different varieties and different moisture contents.

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