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Sichuan pepper generally matures around the beginning of autumn. Produced in Foshan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces, the quality of Foshan is good, and the output of Hebei and Shanxi is the highest. Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a unique spice in China, and it can also be used for oil extraction. The oil yield is above 25%. Zanthoxylum bungeanum oil has a strong fragrance and is a good edible oil.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum has a fragrant smell. Studies have found that Zanthoxylum bungeanum can dilate blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure. Taking Zanthoxylum bungeanum water can expel parasites. Harvest time and method of Chinese prickly ash: The ripening period of prickly ash is generally from the beginning of autumn to the end of summer. When the pepper is mature, the peel is purple or light red, the peel is protruding, and the seeds are black and bright.

You can smell the strong hemp fragrance, which is a suitable harvest time for Chinese prickly ash. The fruits are usually picked by hand or cut with scissors. For Chinese prickly ash, drying is an extremely important step. The traditional Chinese prickly ash drying method, which is concentrated drying or drying in a cool and dry place, takes a long time, usually 6-10 days, and if it encounters rainy weather during this period, it will take a long time. Mildew and other problems are prone to cause losses. The birth of the prickly ash dryer has become an irreplaceable necessity for us. It not only solves the drawbacks of traditional drying prickly ash, but also successfully reduces costs, labor costs and other shortcomings.

Foshan Twesix Drying has the current advanced production line for the processing of Chinese prickly ash, which has changed the customer's problem of the size of the opening in the drying process of Chinese prickly ash, and also changed the question of whether the color is good or bad. Next, let's talk about the characteristics of Foshan Twesix drying pepper dryer: 1. Advanced temperature and humidity identification technology. It can accurately identify the temperature and relative humidity of the drying medium in each section, and accurately transmit the signal to the control system, implement automatic control, correct the supply air temperature, humidity, air volume, drying cycle, automatically realize the system moisture removal, and ensure that the moisture content of the finished product is consistent. The stability and controllability ensure the automatic realization of high-quality drying process by the system.

The time, temperature and humidity process can be set in stages according to the needs of drying Chinese prickly ash. Complete the high-quality process curve, and realize unattended operation under the condition of ensuring the drying quality. 2. The advanced pulsating frequency modulation air supply system adopts small air supply and large circulation technology to overcome the traditional air supply mode such as large air supply resistance, unsmooth flow of hot air, mutual cancellation of wind force, low temperature and humidity controllability, and substandard accuracy. The disadvantages ensure that the temperature and humidity of the entire temperature field are accurately controllable, and the moisture removal system is smooth and controllable, effectively ensuring the realization of high-quality drying processes.

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