Foshan Liusheng prickly ash processing production line, automatic prickly ash pulsating dryer


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The Twesix new era series of automatic pepper processing production lines developed and produced by Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd use a number of their own drying technologies to achieve the goal of drying with cutting instead of harvesting. It is composed of automatic prickly ash pulsating dryer, fruit branch separator, fruit stalk separator, and prickly ash automatic transmission belt (connection of materials in and out), which realizes the whole process of high-quality prickly ash processing without falling into the water, which is the practical application of prickly ash automatic drying and processing equipment 's model. (1) Process description 1. Automation.

The operation process adopts an automated system, and the temperature and humidity at each stage meet the more scientific drying process; the whole process of non-floor production meets the SC requirements; the automatic temperature control and humidity control speed regulation, the process does not require human intervention to meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction. 2. Commodity preservation. According to the differences in picking time, weather, and varieties of green peppercorns, different drying processes are developed to improve the opening rate, preserve the inherent color, and cannabinoids and essential oils; 3. Energy saving and environmental protection, turning waste into treasure.

The dried branches and prickly ash seeds, or the discarded twigs and other wastes after picking the prickly ash are mixed and granulated for drying prickly ash, which not only solves the environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of waste materials, but also greatly saves the drying cost. 4. Compatible with special agricultural products such as dried peppers and Chinese herbal medicines. (2) Technical advantages: 1. Adopt small air supply and large circulation technology.

According to the tissue structure and moisture content of Chinese prickly ash, the technology of small air supply and large circulation is adopted to minimize energy consumption and control the volatilization of essential oils. 2. Adopt dynamic variable speed drying technology. According to the experiment, it is more suitable for the drying process of Chinese prickly ash, and follows the principle of aerodynamics and adopts dynamic variable speed drying technology. , Dry quality depends on people, the consistency of dry product quality.

3. Using the Internet of Things technology, it is controlled according to the scientific drying process curve. The integrated optoelectronic technology and sensing technology are connected to the mobile phone or other systems through the PLC control system to realize remote monitoring of the drying process and drying quality, remote correction of process parameters and troubleshooting, and at the same time, the operation process can be presented to any object in real time. 4. Adopt humidity control technology.

Integrating advanced electronic sensing technology, in view of the huge influence of humidity on the color of dried Chinese prickly ash, the drying technology that controls the temperature with humidity is creatively adopted to achieve the goal of rapid evaporation under relatively low temperature, and eliminate the ineffective function caused by changing humidity by temperature. The influence of high consumption and high temperature on color and shape, especially the quality reduction caused by the accelerated volatilization of Zanthoxylum bungeanum essential oil. 5. The partition control technology is adopted to control the volatilization of essential oils caused by the long-term high temperature of Zanthoxylum bungeanum. According to the principle of aerodynamics and the determined drying process curve, the drying system is divided into two compartments and eight sections. Through the change of air volume and speed, the drying process is subdivided into natural air cooling area/cooling area and preheating, uniform speed and deceleration drying area. It can better preserve the color, shorten the drying cycle, and control the volatilization of essential oils caused by the long-term high temperature of peppercorns.

6. Automation integration. The various processes are organically connected through automation technology, the operation process is orderly and controllable, and is not affected by manpower, saving labor and labor, saving operation costs and improving operation quality.

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