Foshan Liusheng High Quality Walnut Processing Line


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The initial processing process of walnuts: green walnut raw materials - green peeling - cleaning - sorting - air-drying cloth - air drying - removing impurities/empty shells - grading - packaging and storage. Technical features: 1. Capacity design of this project (size can be customized): Each basic unit is designed according to the processing capacity of green walnuts: 20 tons/batch, and the processing capacity can be 20 tons/batch, 40 tons/batch, 60 tons/batch or more … 2. Dried walnut quality standard: the finished product is more uniform, the white kernel rate is high, and the inherent quality of the walnut product is well preserved.

3. Configuration standard: The production line is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of SC standards, all contact materials are made of food-grade materials, and the operation results meet the requirements of food processing technical standards. 4. Problems to be solved by the production line equipment of this project: a. Increase the white kernel rate of dried walnuts to ensure the commodity value of the dried products; b. Ensure the uniformity of the dried products and avoid the uneven drying and wetness of the walnuts from mildew in storage; c. The production line completes the whole production process of peeling, cleaning, drying, emptying and grading the green walnuts, and the finished products are directly packaged and put into storage. d. The production line equipment runs stably, is efficient and energy-saving, has low operating costs, and meets environmental protection standards.

5. The company is responsible for the design, production, installation and commissioning, and process guidance of walnut processing production line equipment.

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