Four key factors affecting the drying of pepper dryer


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Four key factors affecting the drying of pepper dryer 1. Heat energy is the driving factor for drying and is the key to determining the capacity of the equipment. If the heat energy is too small, the drying cycle will be long, which may affect the quality of the finished product and increase the drying cost; if the heat energy is too large, the heat energy will be wasted and the drying cost will be increased. 2. The drying area is the key factor that determines the drying speed, drying quality and drying cost.

The area is too small, forming a situation of large horse-drawn trolleys. It will inevitably lead to increased stacking thickness, insufficient heat exchange, poor drying uniformity, reduced drying speed, increased labor costs, and even affect the quality of dry products; the drying area is too large, forming a situation of small horse-drawn carts. It will inevitably lead to insufficient heat energy exchange, greatly reduce the energy efficiency ratio, and greatly increase the energy consumption cost of dry products.

3. Air volume Air speed is an indicator of drying medium and an important factor in determining drying speed and dry product quality. The size of the air volume directly affects the drying temperature, thereby affecting the preservation of the quality of the dry product; the air speed directly affects the drying speed, because the higher the wind speed, the better the penetrating power, and it is easy to achieve temperature balance adjustment within a certain distance, and It is easy to form a negative pressure on the surface of the material, which reduces the resistance for internal water evaporation and accelerates the evaporation rate. However, if the wind speed is too high and the heat energy exchange is not sufficient, it will inevitably lead to excessive energy consumption and increase labor costs.

Therefore, reasonable air volume, air speed configuration and transportation are important indicators to measure whether the drying equipment is advanced or not. 4. Another factor that affects the results of the drying operation is the relative humidity of the drying medium. If the humidity is too high, the drying speed will be reduced, and even affect the internal quality of the dry product such as color and shape; In the later stage of drying, the drying speed will be too fast, the product and shape will be damaged greatly, which will affect the economic benefits. It is more likely that the channel will be blocked due to the rapid evaporation of the surface moisture, and the internal moisture (especially the core part) will not fully evaporate, resulting in the transportation and storage process. Mildew occurs.

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