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With the advent of spring, the raw land of the series of Chinese herbal medicines is the harvest season. For the growers of the raw land, the main thing is to dry the raw land well to ensure the yield and storage of the raw land. There are problems with traditional sun-drying and air-drying. It is difficult to achieve the drying effect depending on the weather, resulting in insects, mildew, blackening, darkening and other phenomena. Facing these troubles, Foshan Twesix is ​​here to help! Foshan Twesix is ​​a technology-based enterprise focusing on the development of Twesix drying equipment for cleaning and the design of processing solutions for agricultural and special products. Twesix series raw land dryer uses clean hot air as drying medium to dehydrate the raw land and maintain the medicinal properties of the raw land. According to the variety and medicinal properties of the raw land, the appropriate drying method and drying process are selected.

Twesix series raw ground dryer is a drying equipment designed and produced according to the requirements of the national traditional Chinese medicine GMP. On the basis of fully absorbing the traditional drying room, it is organically combined with the automation technology, which overcomes the uneven distribution of hot air and the Due to the large dependence of dry personnel, the need to manually change the position of the material truck frequently, and the shortcomings such as turning over the plate, it can improve the efficiency of heat energy utilization, the accuracy of temperature and humidity control and the drying quality. It is an advanced equipment suitable for long-term low-temperature drying of materials and various Chinese medicinal materials. , to automate the operation process. It can process medicinal materials such as Qianfu, Pinellia, Poria, Angelica, Coptis, Chuan Mingshen, Lily, Aster, Bergamot, Gastrodia, Yam, etc., which can effectively preserve the medicinal properties, quality and color of the medicinal materials, and meet the processing requirements of medicinal materials. Efficacy of Shengdi 1. Clearing heat and cooling blood originally tastes sweet and bitter, cold in nature and enters blood, and can clear heat and cool blood.

It is used for high fever, thirst and red tongue due to febrile diseases. Shengdi is a kind of heat-clearing medicine with strong yin-tonifying effect. It can be taken as a single-flavored decoction or a raw and fresh medicine. It is about 10~30g each time. 2. The essence of nourishing yin deficiency is moisturizing and multi-liquid, which can nourish yin, sweet in taste and cold in nature and can produce body fluid.

It has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness. It is used for the late stage of mixed fever and those who are injured by evil heat. To treat internal heat due to yin deficiency, hot flashes and Guzheng, it can be used with Anemarrhena and Digupi.

If it is used with Artemisia annua, Turtle A, Anemarrhena, etc., it can treat the late stage of febrile disease, the residual heat is not exhausted, the Yin and Jin have been injured, the evil is lying on the Yin, and the symptoms are night heat and early cooling, red tongue and rapid pulse. 3, Sheng Jin cough, Sheng Di nourishes yin and clears heat. It is often used to treat dry mouth, thirst, dizziness and dizziness due to yin deficiency and fire.

Diabetes disease belongs to the heat-swelling injury of Jin, which can also be treated with raw land. Sedation 4 has a significant inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. Rehmannia glutinosa can inhibit the autonomic activity of mice, synergize with the hypnotic effect of subthreshold doses of barbiturate, and at the same time antagonize the excitatory effect of Ansodium Caffeine on mice. Relieve symptoms of high blood pressure.

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