Jujube drying and processing equipment High-quality jujube drying and processing equipment should pay attention to those


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1. Principles of equipment selection 1. The configuration of main equipment should be adapted to the production technology and production scale of the product. 2. The selected equipment must have advanced technology, stable performance, meet the technical standards of relevant departments, reliable quality, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. 3. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the production process, each equipment should strive for high efficiency and energy saving, reduce pollutant emissions, and eliminate potential safety hazards.

4. The production line is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of SC/GMP standards. All contact materials are made of food-grade materials, and the operation results meet the requirements of the technical standards for disposable red dates. 2. The jujube drying and processing equipment requires environmental protection, energy saving and good quality 2. The drying system is required to fully absorb the advantages of the traditional hot air drying process, overcome the dependence on manpower in the drying process of red dates, and ensure the stability, standardization and hygiene of drying quality. Controllability, high efficiency and energy saving, high degree of automation, in the drying process, the original quality of red dates is well preserved and the ripening of red dates is promoted - the internal sugar is fully converted, and the dried dates have a sweet taste and bright color. To be highly automated, the jujube dryer has three hot air circulation modes: internal circulation, external circulation, and compatibility. It can precisely control and automatically adjust the temperature and humidity field of the drying system, so as to realize many jujubes, jujubes and similar properties. High-quality and efficient drying of various materials.

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