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With the development of the times, various varieties of pepper dryers have appeared on the market, which has led to countless manufacturers of pepper dryers. So how to choose a satisfactory pepper dryer? Customers choose according to their actual situation and needs: With the advent of the pepper harvest season, the size of the pepper dryer is selected according to the different planting areas and output. Different places have different heat sources, and choose according to different heat sources. For different pepper drying processes, the use of coal heat sources is also prohibited due to environmental pollution, and other heat sources can be selected, such as biomass particles, natural gas, liquefied gas, air energy, etc. Then choose a dryer that is easy to operate and easy to learn: For customers, you can choose a pepper dryer that is easy to operate, easy to use, and saves labor costs. The mesh belt mesh belt pepper dryer adopts a PLC control system. The temperature and humidity of the dryer can be directly controlled on the touch screen control panel. The interface is simple and the operation is simple and easy to learn. Customers can come to the factory to visit: customers can come to the factory to observe according to their actual situation, they can talk about their own ideas and needs, and then the manufacturer can customize according to the needs of customers to meet the requirements of customers, Foshan Twesix pepper dryer production line is based on For the drying curve required by pepper varieties and processing technology, multiple temperature zones are set up in the horizontal and vertical directions of the equipment. The peppers are naturally turned during the rotary movement from top to bottom in the drying chamber. After passing through different temperature zones, preheating and drying are realized in turn. - Uniform speed drying - Deceleration drying three drying processes, the surface is heated evenly, and finally achieves high drying rate of peppers, shortened drying cycle, small deformation, consistent surface color, and achieves high-quality and efficient drying results.

It can meet the processing requirements of industrial production and consumption of chili peppers, maximize the preservation of the inherent quality of chili peppers, without any pollution in the production process, and the equipment and processing technology meet the national pharmaceutical and food hygiene standards.

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