How is stevia dried? Liusheng New Era Stevia pulsating drying equipment!


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The Twesix new era stevia pulsation drying equipment developed and produced by Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd consists of a two-stage multi-layer mesh belt hot air dryer, an automatic feeding and discharging machine, a steam heat exchanger system, and automatic cleaning of brush scraps. The collection system, dust bag collection and other systems are composed of a drying production line system professionally designed according to the characteristics and drying requirements of Xinjiang stevia, combined with the experience and technology of our company's traditional leaf material drying equipment. It has high efficiency and large production capacity, which avoids the hidden danger of dust combustion and explosion. It is an ideal equipment for the drying and processing of stevia. The new era stevia pulsation drying equipment is a newly designed drying equipment specially designed for the drying characteristics of stevia. It has the advantages of making full use of thermal energy, shortening the drying cycle, and improving the quality of finished products.

It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, small wind resistance and high degree of automation. Equipped with a professional automatic cleaning system of material scraps and dust bag collection system, fully considering the hidden dangers of dust combustion, explosion and other safety hazards and the yield of finished products, and adopting advanced dust bag collection technology to avoid the potential safety hazards of fire and dust explosion. Xinjiang stevia is harvested mechanically, the branches and leaves are not separated, and impurities such as branches account for about 35%; the stevia branches are cut off irregularly and directly into the dryer for drying. After drying, the branches and leaves are separated and removed by wind selection. The miscellaneous machine directly enters the packaging operation process after removing the branches.

Baking and folding: 5:1, the moisture content of dry products is required to be less than 10%, and the inherent quality is well preserved. Quality requirements of dry products: suitable dry and uniform, moisture content less than 10%; the content of sugar and active ingredients in stevia is well preserved, and the color is natural.

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