How much fresh chili can dry a pound of dried chili?


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There are many varieties of peppers, and the water content is also different. Generally, 6-8 pounds of fresh peppers can get one kilogram of dried peppers. Chaotian pepper has a relatively low water content, and about 4-5 pounds of fresh peppers can get one kilogram of dried peppers. Others include peppers with high water content, which may require about 9 to 10 pounds to get a pound of dried peppers.

The ratio of fresh chili peppers to the obtained dried chili peppers is still different. In addition, the water content of peppers is not only related to different pepper varieties, but also to different picking periods. Generally, the water content of high maturity is lower. In addition to the traditional way of drying peppers, pepper drying equipment is also widely used.

Especially for pepper growers and pepper production and processing enterprises with a relatively large amount of drying, the mechanized, automated pepper dryer that can dry peppers in large quantities can greatly meet their drying needs. General mesh belt type pepper dryer, the daily drying capacity can be customized from several tons to dozens of tons, and the high level of automation can greatly save manpower, material resources and labor costs; in recent years, intelligent control technology and pepper drying The combination of equipment, the pepper dryer can achieve accurate and flexible control of the temperature, humidity, air volume, etc. in the pepper drying process through an intelligent system. The dried peppers have good shape, bright color, low energy consumption, and dryness. Good quality! Foshan Twesix pepper dryer.

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