How much does the pepper dryer cost? How much does it cost to dry peppers per pound?


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In recent years, pepper products have developed rapidly, and pepper processing equipment is also rising. There are also different types of pepper dryers, and different types appear. Yes, there are hundreds of catties, thousands of catties, several tons, and dozens of tons to meet the needs of different customers.

The size of the same dryer is also prepared with different types of heat sources, such as electric heating, air energy, natural gas, biomass particles, solar energy, coal combustion, steam heat exchange, etc. When users choose a large-scale pepper drying equipment, they can configure the corresponding heat source according to their own local heat source cost advantages to reduce the cost. Coal burning is no longer available in general areas due to environmental protection reasons.

Pure electric heating, power consumption is too high, generally large drying equipment is rarely used. Air energy (with electricity), energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, energy consumption only requires pure electric heating to save a little more than a quarter of electricity, greatly saving less electricity and saving energy costs. (The cost is proportional to the local electricity price, generally around 3-5 cents per pound of dried peppers, for example, sharp peppers) Natural gas, relatively clear source of Twesix, has an impact on the cost of use with local conditions, if the local natural gas pipeline is convenient, the price is cheap , the cost of use is not high, and it is also a good choice.

Biomass pellets, the use cost is not high, the environmental protection is a little worse, but it can also be used in general places. The steam heat exchanger, if available in the northern region, can also be used, and the cost is reasonable. Solar energy, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, but greatly affected by the weather.

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