How to choose a pepper drying machine, what kind of pepper drying machine is good?


Author: TwesixTwesix

1. Different manufacturers, different brands, and quality of pepper dryers must be different, so choose a brand manufacturer with a good reputation. Second, the quality of the drying effect of Chinese prickly ash is good or not, such as: fresh color, high opening rate, and less essential oil. Third, the energy consumption should be low, because it directly affects the drying cost.

Fourth, the equipment pollution should be less, and now the environmental protection requirements are very high. Foshan Twesix drying automatic prickly ash dryer equipment uses air energy, natural gas, and burner to burn biomass particles (prickly ash branches) through a heat exchanger to heat the pure air to the set temperature and enter the air supply system in the machine. After the hot air is exchanged and circulated The water of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is removed by the secondary circulation system and all the waste heat is reused; after Zanthoxylum bungeanum is automatically turned according to the temperature section setting, it passes through the color fixing area, the dehumidification area, the uniform speed dehydration area, the high speed dehydration area, and the deceleration dehydration area. The rate is output to the dryer through the conveyor, and the latter stage threshing, screening and conveying are carried out to realize the full line operation. Advantages: 1. Simple structure, advanced technology, saving labor by 92%; 2. Operation results are not affected by ambient temperature and humidity, and comprehensive energy consumption is low; 3. Use waste branches for processing, turning waste into treasure; 4. Stable operation and simple operation 5. The opening rate of fresh and dried Chinese prickly ash is over 95%, and the essential oil volatilization is less; 6. Clean heat source, environmental protection and energy saving.

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