How to choose a pepper dryer which kind of pepper dryer is good


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The traditional coal-fired flat bed drying has serious environmental pollution, great influence on drying quality and human operation, poor color and low quality. This old-fashioned drying method has gradually withdrawn from the market as the national environmental protection becomes more and more strict. Drying in the static drying room: The trays are stacked on the trolley layer by layer and pushed into the drying room for drying.

Drying effect, dry product quality is also good. Because each time it is necessary to manually put the peppers into the pan, and then stack the pans one by one on the trolley and push them into the drying room. This is not bad for individual family users, but for large households, cooperatives, and processing factories, the labor demand is greatly increased, and the labor cost is greatly increased.

Fully automatic chili drying production line: According to the chili varieties and the drying curve required by the processing technology, multiple temperature zones are set up in the horizontal and vertical directions of the equipment, and the chili peppers are naturally turned during the rotary movement from top to bottom in the drying chamber. In the temperature zone, the three drying processes of preheating drying, uniform speed drying and deceleration drying are realized in turn, and the surface is heated evenly, which achieves high drying rate of peppers, shortened drying cycle, small deformation, and consistent surface color, and achieves high-quality and efficient drying results. In the pepper dryer industry, Foshan Twesix's fully automated pepper drying production line is a leader in the industry. It uses a variety of environmentally friendly heat sources such as electricity, natural gas, air energy, etc. The pulsating air supply technology greatly shortens the drying cycle, greatly reduces the processing cost of peppers, while maintaining the plump fruit shape, bright color and inherent capsaicin, which greatly improves the production capacity of a single equipment. Individual households with little pepper production generally choose small ovens and small drying rooms, and the drying quality is not bad at low prices; large pepper planters, pepper professional cooperatives, and pepper processing factories have a considerable amount of pepper drying, and are fully automated. The pepper drying production line is an excellent choice, with large shipments, good color and great savings in labor costs.

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