How to choose the use of large and small pepper dryers


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With the changes of the times, the continuous birth of intelligent equipment for agricultural machinery brings benefits to the farmers of Chinese prickly ash. Next, we will introduce the drying machinery required for prickly ash: There are currently two kinds of drying equipment on the market, one is drying One is a mesh belt dryer. The drying room can be used for small quantities. It needs to be manually fed to the tray, and then superimposed more than 10 layers, which is labor-intensive. However, the continuous mesh belt dryer does not need, automatic feeding, uniform spreading, saving time and labor. Foshan Twesix drying mesh belt dryer 1. Adopt small air supply and large circulation technology.

According to the tissue structure and moisture content of Chinese prickly ash, the technology of small air supply and large circulation is adopted to reduce energy consumption and control the volatilization of essential oils. 2. Adopt dynamic variable speed drying technology. According to the high-quality process obtained from the experiment, the dynamic variable speed drying technology is adopted in accordance with the principle of aerodynamics, so that the prickly ash is turned during the drying process, the thickness changes, the drying uniformity is improved, the drying cycle is shortened, the drying quality is completely eliminated, and the dry product is guaranteed. Consistency of quality.

Foshan Twesix drying mesh belt type prickly ash dryer features: high degree of automation, labor-saving and labor-saving; short drying cycle, large output; automatic cycle repeated multiple times, drying evenly; high evaporation efficiency, dry flower quality, good color; sulfur-free drying, Environmental protection and energy saving; when we choose the prickly ash dryer, we need to order it according to our actual needs. If we want to save time and labor, we choose a continuous mesh belt dryer. The daily processing capacity is about 1000 catties, and the drying room can be used. We will provide solutions according to customer requirements.

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