How to solve the noise of the drain pump of the dryer


Author: TwesixTwesix

The dryer drain pump relies on the vacuum generated by the impeller to suck the water up from the bottom and then pump it to a high place. If there is no water in the pump body, the vacuum cannot be formed, and the water cannot be sucked up. If the liquid level is higher than the water pump, you can use The self-irrigation method introduces water into the pump body, otherwise it needs to be watered. Under normal circumstances, when the drain pump is working, if there is no liquid discharged from the dryer, the drain pump is working at no-load state, and the noise is slightly larger than that when liquid is discharged. However, the noise will not be very large. The reasons for the abnormal noise when the drainage pump is working are: the deformation of the fan blades of the drainage pump produces abnormal noises, and the drainage pump itself is damaged.

At this time, it is necessary to take certain measures according to the specific situation to solve these problems.

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