If you want high-quality chili peppers, find Foshan Liusheng chili dryer for help!


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The drying methods of peppers include traditional drying methods and modern agricultural machinery drying, but the traditional drying methods depend on the weather. Improper handling will lead to mildew and rot, which will affect the color and quality of peppers. The number of pepper growers has increased, and the traditional drying method can no longer meet the requirements of pepper growers. With the continuous development of agricultural machinery due to the times, a large number of mechanical pepper drying equipment continues to appear. Compared with the traditional drying method, the mechanical pepper dryer It saves labor costs and occupies a small area. It can be picked and dried directly without a lot of stacking, and it can be dried with high efficiency and high quality. Among thousands of modern mechanical pepper dryers, how does Foshan Twesix pepper dryer stand out? Foshan Twesix pepper dryer production line is based on the drying curve required by the variety and processing technology of pepper. Multiple temperature zones are set in the horizontal and vertical directions of the equipment. The peppers naturally flip during the rotating movement from top to bottom in the drying chamber. In different temperature zones, the three drying processes of preheating drying, uniform speed drying and deceleration drying are successively realized, and the surface is heated evenly, and finally achieves high drying rate of peppers, shortened drying cycle, small deformation, and consistent surface color, and achieves high-quality and efficient drying operations. result. It can meet the processing requirements of industrial production and consumption of chili peppers, maximize the preservation of the inherent quality of chili peppers, without any pollution in the production process, and the equipment and processing technology meet the national pharmaceutical and food hygiene standards.

Twesix's new type of chili dryer greatly improves the quality of chili peppers; saves labor, more controllable quality, uses various clean heat sources for energy saving and environmental protection; achieves high-quality and efficient drying operations.

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