Honeysuckle dryer honeysuckle processing production line processing process is like this?


Author: TwesixTwesix

Foshan Twesix honeysuckle drying production line adopts low temperature drying process. After drying, the finished honeysuckle has a brighter color, plumpness, no collapse, no damage to nutrition, fast drying, low energy consumption and high efficacy. It is suitable for drying and processing of Chinese herbal medicines such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, salvia, ginseng, etc. Processing process: feeding and cleaning→killing and cleaning→drying→cooling→discharging from fresh honeysuckle input to output, the whole process is closed, continuous, smooth, balanced, and highly automated, and the noise and waste heat generated in the process are effectively controlled and utilized. , the vast majority of honeysuckle is discharged in a free state to prevent secondary pollution and ensure the greenness of the plant. From the input of fresh honeysuckle to the fully dried output, the time is shorter. After the system is started, all energy comes from the air in the system and the latent heat of dehydration of honeysuckle. , the operation process does not require electric heating assistance.

Heat source matching, according to the environmental protection policy of the region and the convenient economic conditions of fuel sources, the heat source preparation is selected, such as electricity, air energy heat pump, natural gas, solar energy, biomass particles, coal combustion, steam heat exchange and other heat sources.

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