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Explain the operating procedures of the jujube dryer. How much do you know about it? 1. Preparation process 1) Check the drying workshop, the external sanitation of the equipment, and check whether the electricity is normal. 2) Pick up the stop sign, hang the sign up, and make a record of starting up. 2. Operation steps 1) The red dates from the discharge port of the washing machine are directly transported to the drying room.

2) Adjust the temperature in the drying room (from low to high) according to the moisture content of red dates, the preheating temperature is 45--60 °C, and the average drying temperature is 65-70 °C. 3) Adjust the drying time according to the moisture content of red dates, the drying time is 6-12 hours in the drying room, and the belt dryer time is 15-60 minutes. 4) Transfer the dried product to the subsequent process.

3. The end process of the jujube dryer equipment 1) After drying the raw materials, turn off the start-up power supply, the main power supply, and clean and maintain the machine and the baking room. 2) Clean the workshop, fill in the cleaning records, and hang the signs. 4. Check and deal with other situations 1) Carry out equipment maintenance and overhaul after the operation is completed according to the operating procedures, and report abnormal problems to the production department for processing and resolution.

5. Process sanitation and environmental sanitation 1) Drying procedure: hoist feeding--drying room (belt dryer) baking--conveyor belt transfer post-process. 2) Standard of material cleanliness: One-way circulation in the cleaning area without round-trip. 3) Flow of people procedures: changing shoes - wearing work clothes - washing hands and disinfection - pedestrian passage - air shower room entering the workshop.

4) People's cleanliness standard: do a good job of self-hygiene, shower twice a week, and clean and disinfect masks and gloves every day. 5) Sanitation: clean area.

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