Large-scale fully automatic pepper dryer production line equipment


Author: TwesixTwesix

The large-scale fully automatic pepper dryer production line equipment sets up multiple temperature zones in the horizontal and vertical directions of the equipment according to the drying curve required by the pepper variety and processing technology. After different temperature zones, the three drying processes of preheating, drying, uniform speed drying and deceleration drying are successively realized, and the surface is heated evenly, realizing high drying rate of peppers, shortened drying cycle, small deformation, and consistent and bright surface color, achieving high-quality and high-efficiency pepper drying operations. result. The large-scale fully automatic pepper dryer production line equipment is equipped with a multi-layer drying mesh belt structure. According to the principle of heat exchange, the material is automatically turned over during the baking process to achieve the purpose of baking. It has flow operation, electromagnetic speed regulation and temperature adjustment. , baking evenly, no pollution and other characteristics. Because traditional peppers have unsatisfactory drying effect, poor quality, and are greatly affected by the weather, now large-scale pepper households, cooperatives, and processing plants are looking for pepper dryer equipment to process peppers, so what kind of pepper dryer What about better equipment? Foshan Twesix large-scale fully automatic pepper dryer production line equipment is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the drying process is pollution-free.

The aortic dynamic air supply technology greatly shortens the drying cycle and greatly reduces the processing cost of peppers, preserves the plump fruit shape, bright color and inherent capsaicin of peppers, and maximizes the production capacity of a single device. Advanced dual-drive technology, stable driving of equipment and high degree of automation, reduces the labor intensity of operators, and eliminates the failure of chain breakage and tooth punching. It has strong compatibility and can process a variety of materials with similar shapes.

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