Liusheng mesh belt type Chinese herbal medicine dryer


Author: TwesixTwesix

The birth of mechanical equipment brings convenience to people, and the investment in equipment in the early stage will bring benefits to the product. In the past, we needed to look at the weather to make money, but now we can do work based on smart equipment. Foshan Twesix mesh belt type Chinese herbal medicine dryer integrates several advantages of intelligence, convenience and cost reduction. It can be customized according to customer needs, without worrying about products. There is a special technical research and development department to carefully design drawings and design according to customer requirements. , no need to worry about output. Twesix mesh belt walnut drying equipment reduces labor costs, does not require many people to guard, can intelligently adjust moisture content requirements, and can be used with various drying products. It absorbs the advantages of traditional drying and replaces the shortcomings of traditional drying, so as to meet the The greater interests and needs of customers.

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