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The shelf life of fresh wolfberry fruit is very short, generally only about 2 to 3 days, so the primary problem encountered in deep processing is the problem of dehydration and shelf life. At present, the planting area of ​​wolfberry in Ningxia in my country is more than 500,000 mu, while the dehydration processing and storage technology of wolfberry in Ningxia is backward. More than 90% of wolfberry is dried and processed by natural drying method. Due to weather and other reasons, about 300 yuan/mu is lost every year. The loss of more than 1,000 yuan per mu has been caused by continuous rainy days, so a modern wolfberry drying equipment is urgently needed. When the dryer is working, the material to be dried is placed in the drying tray, and the drying tray is placed on the drying car. The drying car enters in sequence from the entrance of the drying chamber. At the same time, the hot air is discharged from the drying chamber by the air supply system. It is fed from the end, and runs in the reverse direction of the drying car, making full contact with the material.

The temperature of the drying room is automatically controlled, and the moisture is automatically discharged by the dehumidification fan.

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