Modern mechanical drying technology of Chinese prickly ash


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Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a small deciduous tree of Rutaceae and Zanthoxylum genus, up to 7 meters high; the thorns on the stem, the branches have short thorns, and the current branches are pubescent. Leaf rachis often have very narrow wing wings; leaflets are opposite, ovate, elliptic, sparsely lanceolate, with finely fissured teeth on leaf margins, and oil spots between teeth. The back of the leaf is pubescent, with reddish-brown markings on the back of the leaf.

Inflorescences terminal or at the top of lateral branches, tepals yellow-green, roughly the same shape and size; styles obliquely dorsicurved. The fruit is purplish red, with scattered slightly raised oil spots. The flowering period is April-May, and the fruiting period is August-September or October. The distribution starts from the southeast of the northeast, to the north slope of Wuling in the south, to the coastal areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the southeast, and to the southeast of Tibet in the southwest; it is not produced in Taiwan, Hainan and Guangdong.

It is found in plains to mountains with higher altitudes. In Qinghai, it is also planted on slopes with an altitude of 2500 meters. Drought-tolerant, hi sunshine, planted everywhere. The wood of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a typical light yellow, and the color becomes slightly darker when exposed to the air. The difference between the heart and the sapwood is not obvious. The xylem structure is dense and uniform, and the longitudinal section has a silky luster. The large wood has artistic value.

The solitary plant can also be used as a protective thorn fence. The peel can be used as seasoning, and aromatic oil can be extracted, and it can be used as medicine. The seeds can be eaten, and it can also be processed to make soap. Zanthoxylum bungeanum is used as a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the functions of warming the middle of the qi, dispelling the cold, relieving pain, and killing insects.

Treatment of abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, schistosomiasis, roundworm embolism. Also used as an epidermal anesthetic. With the changes of the times, the tradition will be defeated by the modern, and the current mechanical equipment has appeared on the market, and the drying method of Chinese prickly ash has also changed from the traditional drying process to the drying process of mechanical equipment. Next, let's talk about the mechanical drying process of Chinese prickly ash : The processing of Chinese prickly ash is a process of destruction and preservation of the quality of prickly ash. Customers of prickly ash drying often ask questions about whether it is open or closed, and whether the color is good or bad.

In fact, this is related to the adjustment of the time, temperature and humidity program in the drying process. If the control temperature is low, the proportion of openings will decrease, and the time will increase accordingly. If the temperature control is high, the dehumidification will be faster, and the openings will become larger. The time will also be short and the color will deteriorate. If the temperature is low, the dehumidification is slow, and the drying time is long, so it is necessary to choose a balanced selection process. Twesix Drying has developed drying equipment according to the needs of users for drying Chinese prickly ash, which is mainly composed of the following: heat source, insulation system, air supply system, cart, tray, and control system.

Mainly have the following characteristics: 1. Advanced temperature and humidity identification technology. It can accurately identify the temperature and relative humidity of the drying medium in each section, and accurately transmit the signal to the control system, implement automatic control, correct the supply air temperature, humidity, air volume, drying cycle, automatically realize the system moisture removal, and ensure that the moisture content of the finished product is consistent. The stability and controllability ensure the automatic realization of high-quality drying process by the system. The time, temperature and humidity process can be set in stages according to the needs of drying Chinese prickly ash.

Complete the high-quality process curve, and realize unattended operation under the condition of ensuring the drying quality. 2. The advanced pulsating frequency modulation air supply system adopts small air supply and large circulation technology to overcome the traditional air supply mode such as large air supply resistance, unsmooth flow of hot air, mutual cancellation of wind force, low temperature and humidity controllability, and substandard accuracy. The disadvantages ensure that the temperature and humidity of the entire temperature field are accurately controllable, and the moisture removal system is smooth and controllable, effectively ensuring the realization of high-quality drying processes.

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