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Twesix series mulberry branch dryer is a multi-stage rotary belt type hot air drying equipment developed and produced by Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd according to the national environmental protection requirements and the drying curve of mulberry branches. It is composed of room, air supply system, moisture removal system, discharge device, control system, etc. 1. Heat source: The heat source adopts steam, air energy, natural gas, solar energy, biological particles and other heat sources, adopts pulse air supply technology, and is arranged according to the drying process requirements of the characteristics of mulberry branches. The temperature of the hot air is controlled by a proportional electric regulating valve to meet the temperature, humidity and heat energy required for each stage of drying of mulberry branches.

To ensure that the drying process is pollution-free, the quality of the processed mulberry branch products meets the national drug safety requirements, the service life is long, and the equipment runs stably and efficiently. 2. Spreading device: The mesh belt is used for automatic conveying on the inclined plane, and the spreading is smooth and accurate. The mesh belt in contact with the material is made of stainless steel with a simple structure. The feeding speed and the thickness of the material can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual conditions such as the moisture content of the material and the drying requirements.

3. Drying room: The door of the machine is made of high-density polyurethane sandwich panel, the chain is an alloy steel sleeve roller chain with edge rolling, and is equipped with an integrated anti-wear edge guide wheel. The fresh mulberry branches are sent to the upper screen of the drying chamber through the automatic spreading device, and are rotated in sections along the horizontal direction. The running speed can be adjusted according to the needs, which can meet the requirements of the drying process of mulberry branches. Turn over, so the mulberry branches are evenly dried and of high quality. 4. Air supply system and temperature control: through-flow pulse precise air supply technology ensures that the temperature field and wind field distribution in the drying room meet the requirements of the mulberry drying process.

The hot air penetrates each layer of material vertically, and the temperature difference of the hot air on the same plane does not exceed 3 °C. Each layer is equipped with a temperature measuring probe for real-time detection, and a freely adjustable air inlet valve is installed at the air inlet, and the corresponding interval can be adjusted through the adjustment of the valve. In order to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature and humidity inside the machine. According to the drying curve of mulberry branch drying, from top to bottom in the drying chamber, the total air temperature probe is installed at the hot air outlet, and the automatic temperature control is realized by controlling the temperature adjustment device through a digital temperature controller. 5. Dehumidification system: The single-layer dehumidification technology is adopted, which is more energy-saving.

After the exchange, the hot and humid air is adjusted by the valve and discharged from the drying chamber through the upper moisture removal cylinder. 6. Discharging device: It adopts flow operation technology, which can select materials while discharging, which is flexible and convenient, saving labor and labor. 7. Control system: digital display control is adopted, which is simple and convenient, intuitive display, reliable operation, and the operation control of the whole machine is integrated in one cabinet.

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