Multifunctional Chinese herbal medicine dryer


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There is a lot of market demand for Chinese herbal medicine dryers. Growers do not use intelligent dryers in the past. The traditional drying method has been eliminated, so that farmers have high yield and high income, and they are no longer worried about the rot of Chinese herbal medicines. Twesix series herbal dryers use clean hot air as the drying medium to dehydrate Chinese herbal medicines and maintain their medicinal properties. According to the different types and properties of Chinese herbal medicines, the appropriate drying method and drying process are selected. . Twesix series Chinese herbal medicine dryers are drying equipment designed and produced according to the requirements of national traditional Chinese medicine GMP. On the basis of fully absorbing traditional drying rooms, they are organically combined with automation technology to overcome the uneven distribution of hot air in traditional drying equipment. Due to the large dependence of drying personnel, the need to manually change the position of the material truck frequently, and the shortcomings such as turning over the plate, it improves the efficiency of heat energy utilization, the accuracy of temperature and humidity control, and the drying quality. equipment to automate the operation process.

It can process medicinal materials such as Qianfu, Pinellia, Poria, Angelica, Coptis, Chuan Mingshen, Lily, Aster, Bergamot, Gastrodia, Yam, etc., which can effectively preserve the medicinal properties, quality and color of the medicinal materials, and meet the processing requirements of medicinal materials.

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