Natural drying is better than dryer sleep


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Hops have stomach and digestion, anti-tuberculosis, soothe the nerves and diuresis. For loss of appetite, abdominal distension, tuberculosis, pleurisy, insomnia, hysteria, edema, cystitis and other effects and effects. The hop ears are picked when they are green and slightly yellow and are sun-dried, or dried.

The natural drying method puts the picked hops on the ground and spreads them out evenly. It takes 5-7 days to dry them every few hours. The drying method puts the picked hops into the dryer, and sets the moisture content of the hops according to their own needs. The baking temperature starts at 28°C and rises to 45°C after 6 hours. Usually 16 to 24 hours to dry.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural drying method: Advantages: No heat source cost; Disadvantages: high labor cost, inability to dry in a short time, uneven drying, drying depending on the weather, resulting in moldy and rotten hops. Advantages and disadvantages of drying method: Advantages: low labor cost, good drying quality, good color and good quality, put hops into the dryer, no need for a large number of people to guard, short drying time, no need to watch the sky to eat.

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