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The first generation Foshan Twesix chili dryer realizes the mechanization of chili drying, solves the problem of "quantity", exposes the defects of "color", and the trouble of broken chain.... The second-generation Foshan Twesix pepper dryer, the Twesix series of pulsating dryers, makes the worry of "dark color" disappear as soon as it "bakes", and troubles such as broken chain are gone forever. Four major advantages to open the "Twesix" era: one core technology: pulsating air supply - solving the problem of "dark color"; two innovative patents: built-in wind cabin, embedded seal - noise reduction, thermal insulation and energy saving; three innovative designs: High-strength integrated chain, dual-drive balanced transmission, multi-level network speed - eliminate chain breakage and tooth punching failure, improve equipment service life and compatibility.

Four kinds of clean heat exchangers: biomass heat pipe hot blast stove, with high conversion rate, completely eliminating the hidden danger of "cracked pipe"; GD steam boiler, saving worry, trouble and labor; natural gas hot blast stove, intelligent, automatic, environmental protection and energy saving; Air energy unit, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving. Twesix drying - opening up a new era of quality and energy saving pepper drying.

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