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Before the pepper dryer enters normal work, there will be a period of adaptation (run-in period, generally 3 days). This period is to ensure that the dryer can work normally during the formal production process and reduce accidents in the dryer. Proper operation during the adaptation period can prolong the service life of the dryer, so be sure to pay attention to the details of each operation during this period. 1. Before the start of the adaptation period, the operator of the dryer should receive strict training from the manufacturer on the structure, operation, different performance, and daily problem solving of the dryer, and be familiar with the instruction manual of the slime dryer. 2. During the adaptation period, it should be noted that the lubrication, cooling, braking, etc. of the dryer should be checked frequently, and the sealing of each part of the dryer that needs to be sealed should also be checked. The proficiency of the dryer will also affect the dryer when operating the dryer. After receiving the training, the personnel should follow the instructions for correct operation and maintenance; ensure that the working load of the dryer does not exceed 80% of the rated value. In addition, the workload should be appropriate so that the dryer cannot be overheated due to prolonged operation.

3. After the adaptation period, you should be reminded that you should force the dryer equipment to perform maintenance, check each equipment and all the replacement work that needs to be done; the dryer equipment should be kept clean, all parts should be prevented from loosening, and the looseness will be reduced. wear or missing parts. Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in the production, sales and wholesale of red dates dryer, pepper dryer, wolfberry dryer. If you need to know more about red dates dryer, pepper dryer, wolfberry dryer Product details welcome to inquire.

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