Chili drying method and technology, chili drying effect and how long it takes


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Now pepper processing is already using mechanical equipment for drying, because it saves time and labor, and is convenient and fast. In practice, the same pepper drying equipment, the same pepper, drying equipment of different people and different companies, the drying effect is very different. Sometimes the drying quality is very good, and sometimes the drying quality is very poor.

Foshan Twesix pepper drying production line A. Pepper characteristics and variety factors: The first factors that affect the drying effect of peppers are the differences in the characteristics and varieties of peppers, the water content of peppers and the time of pepper picking. Even the difference in the drying period of the peppers leads to different drying effects of the peppers. There is a layer of cuticle on the surface of pepper, because this layer of cuticle hinders the efficiency of water evaporation of pepper.

Different chili varieties have different dehydration speed and dehydration efficiency. B. Pepper drying process: Because of the different manufacturers of pepper drying equipment, the drying process will be very different. Because pepper drying equipment is a non-standard customized machine, there is no unified production method and standard, so basically pepper drying equipment is independently developed and produced by manufacturers.

The quality of the chili drying equipment purchased will vary depending on the manufacturer's R&D and production capacity, scientific research strength and the influence of its own drying technology. In the process of pepper drying, the drying temperature curve of pepper, drying temperature, speed and internal structure of the equipment all play a decisive role in the drying effect of pepper. Foshan Twesix pepper dryer equipment C, pepper dryer equipment with different pepper drying time has different drying time for pepper, different drying air supply methods, different air volumes, different discharge temperatures, and different control temperatures will affect Drying time has a great influence on the quality and color of dried peppers.

In addition, the drying time of different pepper characteristics and varieties is also different, generally ranging from a dozen to twenty hours. When drying peppers, pay attention to the quality and color of the dried peppers while considering the drying speed.

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