Chili drying method, principle of Liusheng chili dryer


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Chili drying method: the maximum temperature is 70 degrees for many varieties of chili peppers, bell peppers, line peppers, etc. The general drying time is 16 hours for chili peppers and chili peppers, and the time for bell peppers is 25-30 hours. It is noisy, and the core is still dry after pulling it apart. Chili is a heat-sensitive material, which is very sensitive to temperature. The water of chili is protected by the waxy layer on the surface, and the water evaporates slowly. In order to ensure the inherent capsaicin, color and shape of peppers, the temperature distribution of Foshan Twesix new era series pepper dryers adopts the built-in mesh-shaped pipe network multi-layer air supply technology according to the requirements of the pepper drying process. Below the dried peppers, three or four sets of air ducts will send the hot air output from the hot blast stove to the bottom of each layer of material in the drying chamber evenly in layers according to the drying process requirements, and penetrate each layer of material vertically. The temperature difference of the hot air on the same plane does not exceed 5°C, platinum temperature probes are installed on each floor for automatic inspection, and there are freely adjustable valves on each air supply pipe. Through the adjustment of the valves, the air volume, wind speed and temperature of the corresponding interval can be adjusted to achieve layered temperature control. Meet the high-quality drying process requirements of pepper.

According to the high-quality drying curve of pepper drying, the drying room moves from top to bottom and from top to bottom, and goes through the stages of preheating drying, uniform drying, and deceleration drying in turn to meet the appropriate drying requirements. Because the highest temperature is less than or equal to its heat-sensitive point, the color is better preserved; the built-in layered air supply technology is used, so the inherent capsaicin is better preserved; because it is designed strictly according to the pepper process curve, it is fully dried and Anti-moisture and mildew phenomenon preserves the inherent quality of peppers. Drying operation is a high energy consumption operation. In order to reduce energy consumption cost, Twesix drying new era pepper dryer properly discharges part of the hot and humid air, and part of it is sent to two drying beds (or attached machines) for reuse. The automatic temperature control device is used to control the combustion condition of the hot blast stove, thus greatly improving the utilization efficiency of the heat energy of the whole machine.

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