The principle and characteristics of pure electric energy storage drying of pepper dryer


Author: TwesixTwesix

Foshan Twesix pepper dryer adopts 2020 new closed-loop energy storage automatic circulation bilateral static pressure box air supply technology. The circulating energy storage unit converts the latent heat of the air into sensible heat, heats the pure air to the set temperature through the heat exchanger, and enters the air supply system in the box according to the requirements of the best technology. After the hot air exchange cycle, the water of the pepper passes through the secondary circulation The system removes it and turns it into dry heat and high-quality air is stored and accumulated to reach the set temperature, and then it is recycled; the pepper automatically rolls N times according to the temperature section setting and passes through the high temperature wax breaking softening zone, the high speed dehydration zone, the uniform dehydration zone and the deceleration dehydration zone. After setting the moisture content, it is output to the outside of the machine to complete the drying operation and the feeding operation at the same time. The drying cost is low, saving 37% of the drying cost compared to coal, and 30% of the drying cost compared to natural gas.

The color of peppers is brighter, saving labor and labor, and saving labor by 33% compared to coal burning. Fully meet the needs of environmental protection. Example picture of pure electric energy storage pepper dryer.

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