Principle of hot blast stove with coal-fired heat source for pepper dryer


Author: TwesixTwesix

Coal-fired sleeve type hot blast stove: The inner cylinder of the sleeve type hot blast stove is the furnace, and the outer cylinder is the boiler shell. In order to strengthen heat transfer, many fins are welded on the outer side of the boiler shell, the flame swirls down from the top, and the flue gas is turned upward from the bottom of the furnace and discharged from the boiler, so it is called "two-return boiler". The outside of the boiler is insulation and shell.

The temperature of the hot air is controlled by the boiler induced draft fan, and the hot air is sent to the air supply system in the machine through the air supply pipe to achieve the temperature and heat energy required for each stage of pepper drying. The boiler structure is simple, the drying process is free of any pollution, and the quality of processed pepper products meets the national food safety requirements. An example picture of Foshan Twesix drying coal-fired pepper dryer.

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