Liusheng drying automatic large pepper dryer equipment process description


Author: TwesixTwesix

(1) The fresh peppers are input into the temporary storage warehouse through the dump truck, and the peppers are fed intermittently and quantitatively to the feeding system of the dryer by the electric forklift. The dryer makes an S-shaped movement, and passes through the wax breaking softening zone, the uniform drying zone, the accelerated drying zone, and the deceleration drying zone. After 7 times of automatic turning, the set moisture content is reached. (2) The heat source system converts the latent heat of air, material and system into sensible heat, and is continuously input into the air supply system according to the requirements of the drying process. It is fed into the lower part of the feed net and fully connected with the peppers to vaporize the water of the peppers. The vaporized high-humidity air is processed by the automatic identification system, and part of it is discharged out of the machine, and part of it is recycled to achieve the purpose of high-speed dehydration and energy saving and consumption reduction. (3) By adjusting the parameters of the heat source system, air supply system and drying system, the high-quality drying of Chinese prickly ash and red sorghum can be satisfied. (4) The fault early warning system automatically checks the system parameters online, gives an instant early warning, and eliminates the impact of faults on production efficiency and product quality.

Twesix drying fully automatic large pepper dryer equipment.

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