Foshan Liusheng automatic pepper drying machine process


Author: TwesixTwesix

Foshan Twesix automatic prickly ash dryer divides and controls multiple drying sections and adds a withering and color-fixing machine at the front end, so that it conforms to the drying process of prickly ash, ensures the drying quality, and is compatible with dehydrated vegetables , edible fungi, peppers and other agricultural products. The dryer adopts the energy storage closed low-temperature drying principle. Compared with the traditional drying method of Chinese prickly ash, it avoids the prickly ash in the drying process being easily affected by environmental factors, resulting in unstable quality and other defects, and significantly improves the color of Chinese prickly ash. quality. At the same time, the post-processing system is a production line mode, and the transportation, threshing and screening are streamlined, and the labor cost is significantly reduced.

The system is mainly composed of three parts: withering and fixing machine, drying machine and post-processing system. The withering and color fixing machine includes the feeding section, the main air chamber, the discharging section, the transmission system and the air distribution system; the dryer includes the feeding section, the main drying room, the heat exchange system, the hot air distribution system, the heat balance system, the transmission system, Discharging device and control system; Post-processing system consists of conveying equipment, fruit stem separator, and pepper screening machine; Packaging line includes color sorter, X-ray machine, automatic packaging machine and conveyor.

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