High-quality jujube processing production line Jujube dryer process flow


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Twesix new era series high-quality jujube processing production line The jujube dryer equipment consists of a wind sorting machine, a classifier, a washing machine, an automatic pulse dryer, a cooling selection sterilization machine, and an automatic packaging machine. It is the current domestic automation level. It is an advanced red jujube processing production line with high quality, good finished product quality, full sugar conversion in red dates, sweet taste, bright color, no pollution during operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Production process 1. Process flow selection and impurity removal→classification→cleaning→drying→cooling→softening→selection→packaging The stones and jujubes enter the classifier and are classified according to the waist diameter of the red dates; the classified red dates to be processed enter the cleaning process, and then go through the lifting spray, bubbling, brush, water purification spray, and automatic cloth, and then enter the multi-layer Paragraph rotary belt type automatic hot air jujube dryer, red dates go through three stages of preheating drying, uniform drying and deceleration drying in sequence in the process of moving from top to bottom in the dryer, and the water inside the red dates evaporates and matures at the same time - The sugar content is fully converted, and the taste becomes sweet; next, the red dates enter the stage of online selection, cooling and softening, and after fully cooling and softening, the selected red dates are packaged into finished products and sold.

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