Production process of non-fried fruit and vegetable chips


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The variable temperature and pressure difference puffing drying of fruits and vegetables is a new type of vegetable drying technology that has just emerged in recent years. It combines the advantages of hot air drying and vacuum drying, and overcomes the shortcomings of vacuum low-temperature frying and drying. The puffed fruit and vegetable breast chips produced by variable temperature and pressure difference puffing are the third product after fried fruit and vegetable chips and vacuum low-temperature fried fruit and vegetable chips. Popular fruit and vegetable snack food. This product uses fresh fruits and vegetables as raw materials, after washing, peeling, denucleating, cutting or not cutting, pre-drying and other pre-treatment processes, using temperature-variable pressure difference puffing equipment, the production process of fruit and vegetable puffed chest films From low-temperature dehydration to puffing molding, it is completely a physical change, no chemical change, and no additives are added. Therefore, the dehydrated fruit and vegetable puffed chips maintain the color and flavor of the original fruit and vegetable, with a delicate taste and a long aftertaste.

Two equipment features 1. Fresh fruits and vegetables are dehydrated at low temperature to a certain content and then puffed without additives. 2 The production process is purely physical and does not use chemical methods. 3. The equipment does not pollute the environment during the production process, and has the characteristics of less investment, small footprint and high return rate.

4 The puffed product maintains the original color, original shape and original flavor of fruits and vegetables, and has a fragrant, sweet, crisp, crisp taste and a long taste. 5. The puffing process of fruits and vegetables is carried out at low temperature, which does not destroy the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. 6 The puffed fruits and vegetables are easy to digest, easy to absorb, rich in nutrients, and will not gain weight after long-term consumption.

Three equipment technology The puffing unit uses the principle of phase change and the thermal pressure effect of the gas to rapidly heat up and vaporize the liquid inside the processed material, pressurize and expand, and rely on the expansion of the gas. force to drive the structural denaturation of the macromolecular substances in the tissue, thereby making it It becomes a porous substance with the characteristics of a network structure, namely Puffed fruit and vegetable chips.

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