Production and research and development of pepper dryer, wolfberry dryer, red dates dryer, fruit and vegetable dryer, medicinal material dryer, agricultural product dryer and other equipment


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1. The meshing gap between the big gear and the pinion is damaged, the reason is that a. The tug is worn b. The retaining wheel is worn c. The pinion is worn. The elimination method is to turn or replace it according to the wear condition, or it can be installed on the reverse side or updated in pairs . 2. The whole body vibrates, the reason is that a. The connection between the tug device and the base is damaged. The elimination method is to correct the fastening connection part to make it in the correct position; b. Rings are turned or replaced. 3. If the moisture content of the dried material is greater than the specified value, the elimination method is to control the production capacity of the dryer and increase or decrease the supply of heat.

4. The rolling ring oscillates when the cylinder is running. The reason is that the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not clamped. The solution is to use a backing plate to keep the rolling ring and the concave joint evenly and properly clamped to prevent over-tightening. have an accident.

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