Which is the best professional pepper dryer equipment - how to choose a pepper dryer


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Now with the development of industry, there are pepper dryer equipment manufacturers all over the place. The technical characteristics and product preferences of each equipment manufacturer are different, and no one has an authoritative judgment. It still depends on what their actual needs are and how the equipment is. Each city has multiple manufacturers specializing in the production and sales of pepper drying equipment. Of course, it is impossible to say which one is better, because each manufacturer has its own characteristics and strengths.

So how do we choose a drying equipment manufacturer! 1. Equipment size The main factor that affects the output of pepper dryer equipment is the size of the equipment. The size of the equipment has been fixed in the originally selected pepper dryer equipment. Therefore, when choosing dryer equipment, you must choose it according to the amount of products you want to dry every day. 2. The size of the power When we choose the equipment, the manufacturer also matches the corresponding drying power for us. The size of the drying power will inevitably affect the drying output, heat, exhaust temperature and other aspects of the drying equipment. If the power is too low, it will not be achieved. Drying requirements, no matter how large the output of pepper drying equipment is, it cannot bear the expected drying output.

Therefore, it is very important for us to choose the power and heat source that matches the drying output of the dryer. 3. Different drying processes Due to the different production processes of different manufacturers, the drying levels are also different, and the characteristics of different types of peppers are different. Scientific research is better for suitable process design. The utilization of the heat source of the equipment, the more reasonable and scientific air supply method, to achieve the goal of better energy saving, and the more reasonable setting of the drying temperature and humidity curve, so that the dried peppers have better color and quality. .

Foshan Twesix drying pulsating air supply system and small air supply and large circulation technology, better drying process drying curve achieves better drying quality and color, and saves drying costs to a greater extent.

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