Chili drying options


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There are many ways to dry peppers: the first is the traditional drying method, which is to connect the picked peppers one by one and hang them on the wall with a large space for drying. The advantage is that after drying The color is bright and beautiful, but the disadvantage is that the rain is not recovered in time, which will lead to mold, rot, and cause greater losses. This method can only be used at home, and cannot be used in places with large output. The second is the drying room. The picked peppers are screened and placed on the multi-layer drying rack, and then put into the drying room for drying. The advantage of the equipment is intelligent operation, and the drying moisture content can be selected. The disadvantage is that drying It needs more people and is suitable for the output of less than 2 tons. The third type is the mesh belt dryer, which can be customized according to the needs of customers, without worrying about installation problems, intelligent operation, only 2-3 people can discharge and receive materials.

The moisture content of peppers can be set according to the required moisture content, which is convenient and energy-saving. The dried peppers have beautiful color and strong integrity, which brings greater benefits to customers. It can be used for various drying products.

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