The drying system of camellia fruit and camellia seed dryer is like this!


Author: TwesixTwesix

Ripe green fruits are input into the temporary storage warehouse by dump truck, and the green fruits are intermittently and quantitatively input into the silo by electric forklift, and are evenly input into the feeding system of the dryer through the automatic conveying system. In the popping system, the green fruit makes an S-shaped movement in the dryer, passes through the preheating drying area, the uniform drying area, and the decelerating drying area in turn. After being sent to the separator by the conveyor, after sieving most of the empty shells, it is input into the concentrator. After being sorted through the concentrator for many times, the clean fruit is sent to the silo by the conveyor, and after being properly wetted, it is conveyed. The machine feeds the light fruit into the re-drying machine at the set speed and flow rate, and goes through preheating drying, uniform drying, and deceleration drying in sequence. Camellia fruit, Camellia seed dryer Oil Camellia fruit, Camellia seed dryer.

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