Traditional and modern drying technology of wolfberry


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Lycium barbarum is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which has the functions of nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney and moistening the lungs. Ningxia wolfberry is the most used. Fresh wolfberry cannot be stored for a long time, and the sales cycle is short, so drying is the most critical step. The dried wolfberry not only brings income to growers, but also provides a balanced sales to the market. Natural drying method 1. Mix the freshly picked wolfberry fruit with edible alkaline water and spread it evenly into the wolfberry plate.

Dry in a shaded, ventilated place, and after the wolfberry loses some of its moisture, move it to the sun. 2, exposure should choose a ventilated, flat place. The wolfberry trays should be laid out individually. On cloudy days and rainy days, stack the wolfberry trays and cover them with plastic film in time to prevent the wolfberry from returning to moisture. After the weather is clear and the next morning, the plastic film should be removed in time to prevent If the temperature is too high, the wolfberry will turn black.

When the wolfberry fruit is 70% to 80% dry, it should be put on the plate in time. 3. Buckle the plate is to buckle the wolfberry fruit in the plate on a hard surface that is sunny, ventilated and easy to clean. Dishes should be selected in the early morning.

The night before the plate is buckled, do not cover the wolfberry plate with plastic film, and let the wolfberry in the plate for one night, so that the wolfberry can be easily deducted from the plate (if the moisture is not allowed, the wolfberry will be stained on the window screen in large quantities. , not easy to remove). The wolfberry fruit should be evenly spread after the plate is buckled. 4. After the wolfberry is dried, it should be put into the bag in time, and the double-layer bag should be used. The bagging time should be selected at four or five o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, the sun is sufficient and the moisture is relatively low, and the wolfberry is not easy to return to the moisture.

The mouth of the bag should be tied to death immediately after packing. In spring and summer, when the sun is abundant and the air humidity is low, this method is easy to use. Lycium barbarum is a berry, which is not easy to preserve after picking. The natural drying method is often affected by the weather and the surrounding environment. Not only does the drying time take a long time and the degree of drying is uneven, but also under bad weather conditions, some of the harvested wolfberry will be damaged. The seeds rot due to untimely drying, which affects the quality and yield of the product.

Modern drying method Foshan Twesix new era fresh wolfberry production line is composed of washing wax breaking machine, automatic plate loading machine and horizontal pulsation dual-mode wolfberry drying room. Advanced high-quality wolfberry processing production line with good quality, large daily processing capacity, no pollution during operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Features: The advanced heat source system has no pollution to the drying medium, completely eliminates the hidden danger of food safety, and Twesix is ​​environmentally friendly. The original dual-mode pulse air supply technology dries evenly and shortens the drying cycle.

The advanced structural design air supply system and moisture exhaust system are placed on the top of the dryer to provide space utilization, ensure the clean and beautiful operation of the workshop, facilitate operation and maintenance, and fully meet the SC requirements. The advanced active temperature control technology can accurately control the temperature in stages. The air supply temperature of each stage can be independently set according to the drying process requirements of the material, and the air supply temperature of each stage can also be set by time. Ensure that the wolfberry is evenly dry, with a consistent ruddy color, moderately wrinkled peel and good taste.

According to the characteristics of wolfberry, the standard feeding tray is specially designed to prevent sticking, sticking, and damage to ensure the complete shape of wolfberry. Strong compatibility. Different drying process parameters can be set according to the drying process requirements of different materials to meet the high-quality drying of various materials.

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