The walnut dryer is better


Author: TwesixTwesix

With the changes of the times, the birth of mechanical equipment has completely replaced manual production, without large labor costs, and the quality has been recognized. What advantages does a walnut dryer have over traditional drying? The traditional drying of walnuts means that after the walnuts are mature, the walnuts are placed in an open space and evenly spread out to dry. It has many disadvantages: 1. The labor cost is high; 2. If it is not turned for a long time, it will cause mold; 3. The drying time is relatively long; 4. It affects the appearance and quality, which will lead to sales problems. The modern mechanical walnut peeling machine removes the outer skin of the walnut, transports it to the dryer for drying, turns over naturally, and the surface is heated evenly, the drying rate of the dried walnut is high, the drying cycle is shortened, the inherent quality of the walnut is well preserved, and the shrinkage of the walnut kernel is small. , bright appearance, natural color and taste, good consistency, to achieve high-quality and efficient operation results.

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