What are the advantages of Foshan Liusheng automatic camellia fruit (seed) popping drying production line


Author: TwesixTwesix

(1) The process is simple and environmentally friendly. From the input to the output of green fruit, the whole process is closed, continuous, smooth, balanced, and highly automated. The tea shell, noise, smoke and waste heat generated in the process are effectively controlled and utilized, and the elimination of (2) High efficiency and energy saving. It only takes 14 hours from the input of fresh tea fruit to the fully dried output. After the system is started, all energy comes from the sensible heat of burning camellia green husk or broken straw. (3) The drying process of dried fruit is good in commodity quality. The drying process is strictly implemented according to the characteristics of camellia oleifera fruit, and the inherent oil content and oil products of camellia oleifera fruit are preserved to the greatest extent to ensure greater value. (4) Strong compatibility. Use compatible drying of peppers, vegetables, medicinal materials and other agricultural and forestry products in different seasons to improve equipment utilization.

(5) Low investment, quick effect, advanced technology, advanced equipment, small footprint, short construction period (60 working days), simple operation, low failure rate and low operating cost. (6) The environmentally friendly production line is both functional and ornamental, and the operating environment is clean and tidy. Foshan Twesix camellia fruit (seed) popping drying production line.

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