Compared with the traditional drying method of chili, what are the advantages of the automatic chili dryer?


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As there are more and more pepper growers, the pepper cannot be dried and processed in time when the pepper is harvested, which has become a major problem for pepper growers. The traditional method of chili drying requires chili growers to eat according to the weather, especially in summer and autumn, which are the peak rainy seasons. Either the sun is shining brightly, or it is rainy weather, but the rainy season is easy to make the chili mildew, and the sun If the temperature is too high, the color of the pepper will be discolored, and the color of the pepper will be poor, and the price will not be sold. There was no problem when the originally planted peppers were recovered, but the loss was caused by the weather, which was a bit more than the gain.

The chili dryer does not need to look at the weather. It only needs a heat source and a venue. The chili can be dried in time when it is picked, and the temperature can also be adjusted and controlled, which saves labor costs and ensures high drying rate of chili, shortened drying cycle, small deformation and surface. Consistent color. Foshan Twesix pepper dryer production line is based on the drying curve required by the variety and processing technology of pepper. Multiple temperature zones are set in the horizontal and vertical directions of the equipment. The peppers naturally flip during the rotating movement from top to bottom in the drying chamber. In different temperature zones, the three drying processes of preheating drying, uniform speed drying and deceleration drying are successively realized, and the surface is heated evenly, and finally achieves high drying rate of peppers, shortened drying cycle, small deformation, and consistent surface color, and achieves high-quality and efficient drying operations. result. It can meet the processing requirements of industrial production and consumption of chili peppers, maximize the preservation of the inherent quality of chili peppers, without any pollution in the production process, and the equipment and processing technology meet the national pharmaceutical and food hygiene standards.

Foshan Twesix automatic pepper dryer product features Advanced heat source system is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the drying process is pollution-free. The original aortic dynamic air supply technology greatly shortens the drying cycle and greatly reduces the processing cost of peppers, while preserving the plump fruit shape, bright color and inherent capsaicin of peppers, and at the same time maximizing the production capacity of a single equipment. The advanced dual-drive technology equipment has stable drive and high degree of automation, which reduces the labor intensity of operators and eliminates the failure of chain breakage and tooth punching.

Strong compatibility, it can process a variety of materials with similar shapes.

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