What is the principle of air source heat pump and energy storage technology?


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Air source heat pump is a high-energy-saving new technology and device that converts and utilizes low-temperature heat energy, especially the large-scale heat pump cooling and heating technology (national patents, scientific and technological achievements) invented by the Chinese in the past ten years, including high-temperature air source heat pump, New water source heat pump technology. Using the advanced Yuanneng series of large-scale heat pump devices, various low-temperature thermal energy resources that cannot be directly used can be converted and utilized, including water temperature heat sources and air heat sources. Energy storage is a good energy-saving auxiliary measure. It can take advantage of the difference in the preferential electricity prices in different periods of peak and valley electricity to store energy through low-valley electricity, which can save more costs and obtain better economic benefits.

Using the high-density heat storage capacity of different liquids, using advanced dedicated air source heat pump cooling and heating devices, by consuming low-cost electricity during the low-valley period, the electrical energy is converted into heat energy and stored in the liquid, and then released for use during peak electricity consumption. . It is widely used for heating or cooling in various buildings, and can also be used in other different environments (such as industry, agriculture, etc.). Air source heat pump heating is a pure natural renewable energy, with the characteristics of inexhaustible and inexhaustible use. The development and utilization of air source heat pump heating and cooling has become an important research topic and development industry in today's human society. The use of air source heat pump cooling and heating to provide thermal energy resources for buildings has become an important safeguard measure for the global society to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

Air source heat pump heating and cooling has the characteristics of one-time investment, life-long benefit, and always produces heat as long as there is electricity. The integration of air source heat pump and energy storage system has formed a new mode of better energy-saving technology combination, especially the combination of high temperature air source heat pump and heat storage system. Because the operation of large air source heat pumps is not affected by seasonal temperature changes and weather changes, it can achieve stable heating and heating, and has the characteristics of high energy saving and low cost.

The combination of the air source heat pump and the energy storage system can give full play to the unique high energy saving advantages of the air source heat pump, and can make full use of the energy storage to store more energy that is rich in electricity at night, so as to make up for the unbalanced day and night power supply and consumption. The imbalance is insufficient, the energy utilization efficiency is improved, the operation cost is reduced, and it is widely used in various buildings to replace the boiler for heating and heating, so as to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, which is a good energy saving and emission reduction measure.

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